International aircraft leasing company Avolon has reported revenue growth of 35% for the year to the end of December. 

Avolon said its revenues for the year came to $606m while adjusted net income for the 12 months increased by 43% to $179m.

The company said it sold nine aircraft last year, and recorded a total gain of $64m on the sales. 

It now owns a total of 126 planes, up from 99 in 2013. It also manages 11 aircraft and has a total of 98 committed aircraft, up from 73 last year.

The average age of the company's own fleet is two and a half years, while the average remaining lease term is 7.1 years. 

By the end of the year, Avolon said the embedded market value of its fleet - according to independent industry appraisers - was $568m. 

Domhnal Slattery, the company's chief executive, said the strength of the company's performance was due to the strong growth in its fleet and consistent ability to deliver trading gains underpinned by what it believes to be the country's leading risk-management system.

"We are excited about the prospects for our business. We believe we have the right team and right business model, underpinned by a best-in-class risk management system, to continue to deliver superior growth with lower risk, which will in turn drive returns for our shareholders," Mr Slattery added.

Mr Slattery also said that he does not expect lower oil prices to have any impact on aircraft demand, adding that most airlines it was talking to were basing their long-term planning on $100 per barrel of oil. 

"The majority of airlines globally are still using $100 as their planning horizon number way out into the next decade," he stated.

"It is certainly not changing the behaviour of airlines at this point," he said.