Wholesale prices rose by 2.2% last month when compared to December 2014, according to new figures from the Central Statistics Office.

Factory gate prices were up 4.1% on an annual basis, compared to a rise of 2.3% in the year to December.

In the month the price of export sales rose by 3%, while domestic sales were down 2.6% - this compares to a 5.8% rise and 5.3% decline on an annual basis, respectively.

The most significant wholesale price changes during January were amongst computer, electronic and optical products – which rose 6.3%.

Prices for other food products, including bread and confectionary, were up 4.1% while basic pharmaceutical products and preparations rose by 2.9%.

Wholesale prices of fish and fish products fell by 2.4%, meanwhile, with dairy product prices declining by 2%.

Computer, electronic and optical product prices also saw the biggest changes on an annual basis – 10.2% year-on-year. 

Dairy product prices were down 11.5% in the twelve month period.

In the price index for mining and quarrying, the price of energy products decreased by almost 20% in the year to January - with petroleum fuel prices falling by 17.2%.