The world's leading food industry group Nestlé has posted a soaring net profit for 2014, boosted by the sell-off of its stake in French cosmetics group L'Oreal.

Last year the maker of Nespresso capsules, baby food and many other products, saw its net profit jump 44.6% to 14.5 billion Swiss francs (€13.4bn), the company said in an earnings statement.

That was well above the expectations of analysts polled by the AWP financial news agency, who had anticipated a net profit of just 10.3 billion Swiss francs.

Not counting income from the sale of its L'Oreal holdings last year and a re-evaluation gain on its Galderma medical unit stake, however, Nestlé said its net profit rose just 4.4% in constant currencies.

The company's sales slipped 0.6% last year to 91.6 billion francs, meanwhile, mainly due to negative impact of exchange rate shifts, which eroded sales figures by 5.5%.

The company's organic growth, considered a key indicator of its performance, expanded 4.5% last year, it noted.

That number was based on 2.3% real internal growth, with the remaining 2.2% attributable to pricing, Nestlé said.

"These are strong results, building on the good growth of past years and delivered in a soft trading environment," company chief Paul Bulcke said.

Nestlé's board will propose increasing the dividend paid to share holders to 2.20 Swiss francs per share, up from 2.15 last year, the company said.

Looking forward, the Nestlé said it expected this year to be similar to 2014, adding that it aimed to see its organic growth swell about 5%.