Stobart Air supports IAG’s bid to take over Aer Lingus as it will lead to passenger growth and indirect jobs, according to the airline’s CEO.

Stobart Air currently operates Aer Lingus Regional, which offers services on local routes in Ireland, as well as smaller airports in Britain and France.

Speaking on RTÉ’s Morning Ireland, Sean Brogan said no company has ever entered a merger to get smaller.

He says the deal if it goes ahead is likely to bring more jobs, using the example of Stobart Air linking up with Aer Lingus four years ago. 

"I think that you have to look at the proposal through balance spectacles,” he said.

“In our own situation we were a much smaller airline four years ago, in that four years as part of Aer Lingus we have grown our passenger numbers by 35%. That growth has allowed us to re-fleet. We have a new modern fleet. That in turn brings jobs."