The Public Accounts Committee is seeking a report from the Revenue Commissioners about its investigations into HSBC bank customers from Ireland using accounts for tax evasion. 

A total of 350 people associated with Ireland held accounts with HSBC in Geneva with deposits worth a total of €3.1bn.

Twenty Irish account holders have since made settlements with Revenue worth over €4.5m.

Sinn Féin's Mary Lou McDonald suggested the committee get in touch with Revenue to ask for a briefing with a view to them being asked before the committee.

Labour TD Joe Costello said it is a major scandal that Irish citizens have accounts of this nature worth more than €3bn.

He said there are major questions to be answered so there should be full and frank account on the matter and the Revenue should be asked to appear before the committee. 

Fine Gael TD John Deasy said that at the very least the Revenue should be given the opportunity to put together a briefing note before the PAC has a public hearing. 

It was agreed to seek the report ahead of inviting the Revenue before the committee.