US fast food giant McDonald’s has lodged an objection to the Supermac’s name being used in Europe, claiming that customers could confuse the two businesses.

Supermac’s has denied the claims, which were lodged with the European Union office that oversees trademarks and designs, and said it was preparing a response to the objections.

McDonald’s 41 page objection against the registering of the Supermac’s trademark in Europe claims such a move would be detrimental to its own trademarks.

It followed a similar objection lodged by the US firm in Australia, where Supermac's is considering expanding.

However Supermac’s founder Pat McDonagh said there was no confusion between the two companies, arguing that both had co-existed in Ireland since 1978 with distinct brands and menus.

Mr McDonagh said he would continue with plans to expand in Britain, Europe and Australia and would be formally responding to McDonald's objections in the coming weeks.