More than 1.7m passengers travelled through Dublin Port last year, according to its operator, a rise of 6.4% on 2013.

There was also an increase in the number of tourists’ vehicles using the port in 2014, up 7.9% to over 462,200.

The Dublin Port Company said it recorded growth in every category of trade last year, with freight volumes up substantially year-on-year.

The number of lift-on, lift-off units - where cargo is taken on and off a ship via crane – was up 9.4% to 565,698.

Meanwhile the number of roll-on, roll-off units – where cargo is taken onto a ship by a vehicle – rose by 7.9% to 821,876.

Overall, close to 31m gross tonnes of cargo was transported through Dublin Port, up 7% on 2013.

The majority of that – 18.3m – was imported, a 6.3% rise year-on-year. The remainder – almost 12.5m – was exported; an 8% rise on 2013’s figures.

Dublin Port also saw a significant rise in the number of trade vehicles going through its facility in 2014 – up 33.3% to 81,169. The Dublin Port Company said this was boosted by the number of new car sales during the year, with many of these vehicles making their way to dealerships around the country.