New car sales rose by 30% last year when compared to 2013, according to the Society of the Irish Motor Industry.

More than 96,000 cars were sold during 2014, according to SIMI, compared to over 74,000 in the previous year.

Almost 22,900 cars were sold in January, according to SIMI figures, representing 23.7% of the year’s total stock. 

July was the next best month for sales last year with 18,271 cars sold – making up 19.4% of all 2014 sales.

July also saw the most significant year-on-year gain, with sales in that month up almost 61% on the same period of 2013.

June sales saw the smallest year-on-year gain, up just 0.7%.

Over the course of the year Volkswagen was the most popular brand of car – with its models representing more than 12% of all sales.

Toyota and Hyundai also performed well in the Irish market last year, with both brands growing market share year-on-year.

Meanwhile the Volkswagen Golf was the country’s most popular model of car last year, making up about 4.7% of all sales in the country.

Overall, the vast majority (67.8%) of cars sold last year fell into the ‘A’ tax brand for Co2 emissions, while 73.4% of all vehicles sold in 2014 were diesel-fuelled.