Industrial production in Europe saw marginal growth in October when compared to the previous month, according to Eurostat.

Figures for but the euro zone and the European Union were just 0.1% higher in the month, and were up 0.7% and 0.8% respectively when looked at year-on-year.

Ireland had the region’s highest industrial production growth during the month, up 9% in the period.

This follows growth of 3.1% in September and a fall of 1% in August.

Ireland’s growth figure is also well ahead of the rest of the region when compared on an annual basis – up 38.8% by the end of October.

The next highest figure came from Romania and Slovenia, which both had annual growth of 3.9%.

Industrial production growth in Europe is due to a rise in non-durable consumer goods over the past year, as well as durable consumer goods and intermediate goods.

Capital goods and energy production have both fallen, however.