The scale and depth of Dublin's tech ecosystem is to be mapped for the first time.

Dublin Commissioner for Startups, Niamh Bushnell today announced details of the Dublin Data Initiative, which will collect and map data on an ongoing basis from startups and stakeholder organisations across the city.

The plan is to collect data on the number of startups in Dublin, their operations, areas of focus and stage of development.

It is the first time a mapping exercise of Dublin's tech startup sector is to be carried out.

The project will be take place in conjunction with Startup Genome, a global non-profit organisation that maps startup ecosystems.

PCH, the Irish company which provides manufacturing services to some of the world's biggest tech brands, will also support the project, which gets under way in January.

A broad range of partners from around the city will also assist with the initiative, which will also draw on work already carried out by organisations like Enterprise Ireland, Dublin City Council, Dublin Chamber of Commerce, Startup Ireland and Amárach Research.