Mobile network operators have doubled the cost of roaming outside the European Union since early 2013, according to regulator ComReg.

Making a call in the United States cost €1.10 per minute in March of this year, according to its figures, compared to 54c in the same month of last year.

Receiving a call cost 64c per minute, meanwhile, compared to 32c a year previous.

The same increase in costs occurred in roaming rates for other non-EU countries, according to ComReg.

The price-per-minute to receive a call in a non-EU country is now well above the EU average of 43c, however Irish networks’ tariffs for making a call in such countries still remain below the EU average of €1.29 per minute.

Overall, however, the ComReg figures covering the period up to March indicate that Irish networks are complying with the ‘Eurotariff’ roaming caps set by the European Commission in July 2013.

Going by the data, average Irish rates for European Union roaming actually come in below these caps, as well as the average across the rest of the EU.

The average price-per-minute on a call made by an Irish customer in another EU country was 19c in March, according to the regulator, below the Eurotariff cap of 24c and the EU average of 21c per minute.

Meanwhile the average price-per-minute for calls received in an EU country was just 2c in March - compared to the Eurotariff cap of 6c.

Irish operators have also set their European data roaming rates well below the EU cap of 45c, according to ComReg, at 6c per megabyte of data. The EU average was 17c in March, according to the data.

The average Irish rate for SMS roaming in Europe are around 1c below the Eurotariff cap of 8c.