Britain's energy regulator Ofgem has fined the country's largest energy supplier, Centrica, £11.1m for failing to meet energy efficiency obligations by a 2012 deadline. 

"Ofgem found that British Gas' senior management did not take appropriate action to ensure it delivered energy efficiency measures on time," Ofgem said in a statement. 

The utility's energy supply unit British Gas met only 62% of its obligations to help customers install energy-saving methods to lower their bills by an end-2012 deadline, Ofgem said. 

British Gas said it had agreed with Ofgem to pay the penalty money to charity to help people struggling to pay their energy bills. 

The energy supplier also said it had delivered more energy efficiency measures than required since the deadline.
Earlier this year, Centrica bought Bord Gáis Energy, the retail arm of Bord Gáis, for €1.1 billion.