Euro zone bond yields fell to new record lows today, as financial markets took comfort from European Central Bank President Mario Draghi's vow to lift inflation from near zero by whatever means necessary. 

Spanish 10-year yields were below 2%, Irish yields below 1.5% and Portuguese yields under 3%. 

Most euro zone yields were at or near all-time lows as investors bet the ECB would expand its asset buying to include sovereign debt. 

The ECB has started to buy asset-backed securities and covered bonds, and is due to offer a new round of long-term loans to banks next month as it tries to encourage lending to businesses and consumers. 

The ECB is hoping to pump an additional €1 trillion into the economy, but many analysts say its current measures are unlikely to achieve that goal. 

Buying government bonds, a move opposed in Germany, could help to reach that target if deemed legal, and that prospect is supporting the market, especially the higher-yielding periphery.