Denmark has overtaken South Korea as the world's top country for mobile phone and Internet use, a study today showed. 

Ireland was ranked 26th in the study, down from 22nd the previous year.

In third place was Sweden, followed by Iceland and Britain, emphasising European dominance in the connectivity stakes.

This is according to the International Telecommunication Union, a leading analyst for information and communication technologies, or ICTs.

Hong Kong led Asia, in ninth place in the world rankings, and the US came 14th. 

The Central African Republic was last, part of a long list of African countries bringing up the tail of the list. 

The International Telecommunications Union's ICT development index takes into account Internet and mobile phone access and use, and the population's competence with the technology.

"Over three billion people are now online and information and communication technology growth remains buoyant in just about every country worldwide," the report said.

Developing countries are well behind, but catching up, with Internet usage in 2014 growing 8.7%, compared to 3.3% in the richer nations. 

However, of the 4.3 billion people still unconnected, 90% of them are in developing countries, the study found.