The Bank of England has fired its chief foreign exchange dealer after it found information about serious misconduct, but said the dismissal was unrelated to a foreign exchange scandal. 

The Bank of England said that Martin Mallet  had failed to alert his bosses that traders were sharing information.
But the bank said that Mallet, who worked there for almost 30 years, had not done anything illegal or improper.

"This information related to the Bank's internal policies, not to FX," a Bank of England spokeswoman said today. 

The BoE suspended its chief dealer in March as it looked into what bank officials might have known about alleged manipulation of key currency rates by foreign exchange traders.

He was fired yesterday.            

The Bank of England said earlier today that a review commissioned by its oversight committee found no evidence that any BoE official had been involved in unlawful or improper behaviour inrelation to the foreign exchange trading scandal. 

Regulators in Britain and the US have announced fines for five major banks for their role in the case.