New car sales were more than 20% higher in October when compared to the same month of last year, according to figures from the Society of the Irish Motor Industry.

The industry group says that more than 2,040 cars were sold during the month, compared to just over 1,690 in October 2013.

That brings the total number of cars sold in the year to date to 95,217, more than 29.5% higher than the number sold between January and October 2013.

The split-year registration system introduced last year has also helped to spread those sales out over the year, with more than 30% of them taking place from July onwards.

Almost 68% of cars sold in the year to date fall within the lowest band for Co2 emissions, compared to 61% in the same ten months of 2013.

A further 27% of sales were in the ‘B’ band, according to the figures.

Volkswagen remains the most popular make of car in the country, representing almost 12.1% of sales in 2014; however this is down slightly on last year with Toyota’s share rising slightly to 10.6%.

Meanwhile, the Volkswagen Golf remains the most popular car model, with 4,445 bought in the year so far, making up just below 4.7% of all sales.

Nissan’s Qashqai is the second most popular car so far this year, with 3,780 sold in the first ten months of the year.