Eurotunnel said that its third-quarter revenue rose 7% to €343.9m, driven by a recovering British economy and strong truck, freight and passenger traffic. 

The operator of the Channel Tunnel linking France and Britain carries Eurostar high-speed trains between Paris, Brussels and London, as well as shuttle trains containing passenger cars, coaches and freight trucks. 

"This summer Eurotunnel set new records for traffic and this momentum is continuing," chief executive Jacques Gounon said in a statement. 

Passenger traffic in the quarter rose 3% year-on-year on the Eurostar to 2.8 million passengers. Traffic rose 6% on trucks but fell 7% on coaches compared with the same time last year. 

Rail freight tonnage rose 17% year-on-year, the company added.

The loss-making MyFerryLink ferry service achieved revenue growth of 20%at 30.3 million euros and now accounts for 8% of group revenue. 

The future of the ferry business launched in 2012 was dealt a blow in June when Britain's competition regulator said Eurotunnel would have to stop operating the service in the next six months, confirming a decision it made in May. 

Eurotunnel has appealed against the decision that it said would mean higher prices for consumers and put 600 people out of work. An appeal hearing is slated for November 24-25.