Economic consultants Indecon have carried out a major study on the benefits of having our own stock exchange.

Over 2,000 people are employed in the securities industry here with a further 97,000 jobs supported by ISE listed companies. The Irish Stock Exchange is also worth €207m each year to the Irish economy.

The study by Indecon found that the Irish Stock Exchange was the third biggest exchange in the world in 2013 for debt listings, while it is also the second biggest exchange in Europe in 2013 for volumes of new debt listings.

It is also the fourth biggest exchange in the world in 2013 for fund listings.  

The study also reveals that €23.5 billion was raised by ISE-listed companies in the last ten years.

Over 40 companies listed on the ISE during the years from 2004 to 2013, including Aer Lingus, Smurfit Kappa, C&C Group, CPL Resources, Hibernia REIT and Green REIT. 

Companies say the top reasons for listing equities in Dublin are access to Irish and international investors, getting the best valuation for the company and maintaining a liquid market in shares

Meanwhile, debt and fund issuers say the main reasons for listing on the ISE are its efficient listing process, the experience and reputation of the ISE and the Central Bank; and the ISE’s technical knowledge

"Ireland has an ecosystem that supports the listing and trading of securities on the Irish Stock Exchange," commented Alan Gray, Chairman of London Economics and Indecon Managing Partner.

"The Irish economy benefits from the success of the securities industry and having a stock exchange plays a positive role in this. Our study quantifies these benefits in terms of the jobs sustained in Ireland and the value added to the Irish economy," he added.

He also said the company's research has highlighted a wider role of the ISE in supporting investment and GDP, and in lowering the cost of finance for enterprises in Ireland.