The National Treasury Management agency will look to raise €3 billion between now and the end of the year as the state begins repaying its loans from the International Monetary Fund.

The funds are to be raised through a syndicated bond issue as opposed to the regular monthly bond auctions through which the NTMA usually raises new debt.

In a statement the NTMA signalled it will undertake a syndicated bond issue "of benchmark size" during the current financial quarter if there is progress in enabling Ireland’s early repayment of the IMF loans.

The agency did not specify the amount of money to be raised but it is expected the NTMA will look to borrow at least €3 billion.

The size of the bond issue means a syndicate of banks would be retained to seek buyers for the debt.

The money would go towards the early repayment of the €22.5 billion IMF loans advanced at the time of Ireland's bailout in December 2010.

The Department of Finance has said it expects to save up to €1.5 billion in interest repayments by paying off the loans with cheaper debt raised on capital markets. Irish borrowing costs for 10 years are currently below 2%. The IMF loans carry an average interest rate of 4.99%.

Separately the NTMA has signalled it will hold a bond auction on Thursday, 9 October. It will also hold an auction to sell short-term Treausry Bills on Thursday, 20 November.