Ryanair has agreed to buy 100 Boeing 737 MAX 8 jetliners in a deal worth close to $11bn at current list prices.

The airline also has an option to purchase 100 more planes at a future date, which would double the value of the total deal.

The jetliners, which can hold eleven more passengers than older model 737s, are part of a push by the airline to increase its annual passenger numbers by 50% to 150 million per year by 2024.

The model is also more fuel efficient and quieter than previous 737s.

The deal for 100 jets would be worth about $10.4bn at the 737 MAX 8's list price of $104m, but airlines usually negotiate steep discounts, particularly on large orders.

Last year Ryanair placed a $15.6bn order for 175 Boeing 737-800 jets, but chief executive Michael O'Leary said in July he would maintain that order, even as he studied the higher-density MAX version.

The airline is due to take its first delivery of 737-800 jets tomorrow.