UPC Ireland had almost 524,000 customers at the end of June, a 2.2% fall on the number recorded at the same time last year.

However the number of services being used by its subscribers was higher, according to its parent company’s second quarter results, growing by 6.8% when compared to June 2013.

The decline in overall customer numbers came as a result of a sharp drop in analogue television subscribers - down 21.7% to 44.500 - and a similar fall in MMDS subscribers – down 20% to 33,600.

These numbers were only slightly softened by a gain of 1,200 customers (0.3%) on the company’s digital television package.

UPC Ireland saw more substantial growth in its telecoms services, however, with its broadband subscriber base growing by 31,000 (9.6%) and users on its telephony service increasing by 58,600 (22%). 

According to UPC Holdings’ results, revenues at its Other Western Europe segment – which includes Ireland and Austria – were 6.3% higher the second quarter at $233.5m and 5% higher during the first half of the year at $464.1m.

Overall, the group saw revenues rise by 59.4% in the first half of the year to $9.13bn.

The company said this was largely due to the inclusion of revenue from the recently-acquired British cable firm Virgin Media, with foreign exchange movements also having a positive impact on the numbers.