The Local Property Tax compliance rates for 2013 and 2014 currently stand at 95% and 94% respectively.

Up to the end of June 2014, Revenue has collected €310m in respect of Local Property Tax and Household Charge, €10.5m ahead of target. 

Since Revenue took over responsibility for the Household Charge collection, a total of €25m in Household Charge arrears has been paid and an additional 205,000 properties are now compliant.

Revenue has now moved to debt collection and enforcement action against those who still have not complied with both their local property tax and household charge obligations.

Over 250,000 compliance letters have been issued in total for 2013 and 2014 Local Property Tax.

For those taxed through the PAYE system, 40,000 mandatory deductions from wages or pensions were implemented for 2013, 46,000 for 2014 Local Property Tax and 61,000 in respect of Household Charge arrears.

There were 7,300 deferrals applied in respect of the Household Charge, the majority of which had Department of Social Protection income only.  

In relation to the self-employed and companies, nearly 9,600 tax clearance certificates were refused and over 12,200 income tax surcharges were applied.
Enforcement action letters are also issuing to property owners taxed under the self-assessment system, informing them that outstanding liabilities will be referred to sheriffs and solicitors for collection. Once debt is referred to a sheriff or a solicitor the property owner must deal with that body rather than Revenue, and property owners will also be liable to pay the sheriff's cost also.