Production in the construction sector fell across the European Union in May when compared to the previous month, according to Eurostat, but was higher on an annual basis.

The sector saw a 1.6% fall in production across the 28 countries of the EU during the month, according to the European statistics agency, while the euro zone saw a 1.5% monthly decline.

Compared with May 2013, however, production was 3.2% higher in the EU and 3.5% higher amongst euro zone countries. 

On a monthly basis, production in Germany saw the biggest decline at 4.9% - while Spanish production rose by 1%.

On an annual basis, Spain saw a 42.4% rise in construction production, with Slovenia recording a 41.8% gain.

Romanian production was 10.3% lower, while Portugal’s construction sector fell by 10.2%.

There were no monthly or annual figures available for Ireland, however Eurostat shows the sector here rose by 7.8% in the first quarter when compared to the same three months of 2013.