Industrial production across the euro zone fell 1.1% in May when compared with the previous month, according to new figures from Eurostat.

It follows a 0.7% rise in April, with production across the 28 countries of the European Union following the same pattern.

On an annual basis production was 0.5% higher across the euro zone, however, with production in the wider EU up 1.1%.

The figures do not include Irish data for May, which was not available, however it shows monthly growth of 2.1% and an annual increase of 15% in April.

Romania saw the biggest increase in production across the region – up 2.6% in May and 15% on an annual basis.

Portugal saw the sharpest monthly decline – down 3.6% - while Malta was the worst performer on an annual basis, registering a 11.9% fall in the year to May.

Energy was the only sector to record growth across the EU during the month of May, with a 2.2% rise. Intermediate goods production fell 2.1%, meanwhile.

Capital goods was 2.2% higher on an annual basis, while production across the region’s energy sector fell 2.9%.