A British based online booking service for cleaners, co-founded by a former Irish management consultant, has launched in Dublin.

Hassle.com enables customers to book and pay for background-checked cleaners at a cost of €12 an hour.

The services company was co-founded by Dubliner Jules Coleman 18 months ago in London, after she found it difficult to find a piano teacher in the city.

It has already raised $6m in venture capital funding from Accel Partners, which counts Facebook in its list of previous early stage investments.

The company currently employs 30 people, three of them in Dublin. It offers the booking service for cleaners in London, Manchester, Leeds and Birmingham.

Dublin is the first city outside of Britain into which the company has expanded.

The business model sees cleaners who sign up to the service fill out an application form, go through phone and personal interview and have references checked.

Customers who sign up to the service then have the details of their requirements posted on the site.

The cleaners then choose which jobs they wish to take, based on the timing and location.

Payments are made through the online portal, with Hassle.com taking €2 of the €12 per hour fee.

The cleaners’ performance is constantly rated by customers. 

Jules Coleman says the company first intends to expand into Europe, and beyond that it may look to either Asia or the US. She said for now the business is focusing on cleaners, but it is not ruling out moving into the provision of other domestic based services.

The chairman of the company is Ron Zeghibe, the founder and chairman of taxi app, Hailo.

Hassle.com says it is already taking hundreds of bookings each day in London. It claims to have over 100 cleaners already signed up and ready for work in Dublin, with around 500 more in the process of registering.