Professor Alan Ahearne, Head of Economics at NUI Galway, has been appointed as an external advisor to the Strategy, Practice and Review Department of the International Monetary Fund. 

The Professor will advise IMF senior management on how it could better support the efforts of countries at all levels of income to boost growth and create jobs in the future.

Professor Ahearne is currently preparing a report, along with other experts, on how the IMF's advice on such matters could be enhanced. 

The report will identify macro-critical structural policy areas that are most relevant to the IMF' member countries; determine the extent, focus and quality of Fund advice on such issues so far; and consider what changes should be brought to Fund surveillance in terms of coverage of structural issues.

"This is an important juncture for the IMF and the global economy. The priority of governments around the world is to revive growth. But with the overhang of imbalances leaving little room for expansionary macroeconomic policies, the only remaining policy options are structural," Professor Ahearne said. 

Before joining NUI Galway, Alan Ahearne was senior economist at the Federal Reserve Board in Washington, where he worked for seven years. He has taught economics at Carnegie Mellon University, University College Dublin, Dublin City University and the University of Limerick.