An interim report of the Special Liquidators of IBRC has said the specific cost of the liquidation to date has been €41.6 million.

But the report said this was more than covered by a saving of €56m in ongoing costs achieved during the liquidation period.

The report to the Minster for Finance said that professional fees related to the sale of €21.7 billion worth of loans were a further €70m - or 0.35% of the face value of the loans.

This brought the total amount of fees paid to professionals to €119.2 i.

The Minister for Finance asked for a rebate, and the three main firms agreed to reduce their share of the bill by €7.6m as follows: KPMG - €5m rebate on a bill of €48.4m, Solicitors A&L Goodbody - €2.5m rebate on a bill of €25.2m, and Solicitors Linklaters - rebate of €100,000 on a bill of €15.9m.

KPMG - the accountancy and professional services firm that provided the special liquidators - was paid €48.4m in fees for the special liquidation and a further €3.9m for work for NAMA. It said the fees were based on the NAMA rate card for relevant services.

Other legal advisors received €10.8m, including €4m for Arthur Cox and €2.7m for Byrne Wallace.

Other professional advisors earned €14.9m in fees, the biggest share going to accountants and professional services firm PwC, which received €4.6m.

A property valuation firm - which contractually insisted on remaining anonymous - earned €3.5m. Another property firm - Savills, earned €941,000. In all property valuation fees amounting to €4.2m were paid.

The report also revealed further details on the six loan portfolios that have been sold.

Project Evergreen - Irish originated corporate loans - attracted 58 indicative and 20 binding bids for loans with a face value of €2.5 billion.  84% of the book was sold.

Project Rock - €5.5 billion worth of UK originated commercial real estate loans - attracted 31 indicative and 13 binding bids.  

Project Salt - €1.8 billion worth of UK commercial real estate originated loans - attracted 11 indicative and four binding bids.

Project Sand - €1.8 billion worth of Irish originated residential mortgages - attracted 13 indicative and just two binding bids. 64% of the book was sold to the market, with the balance - amounting to some 6,500 mortgages - to be placed on the market in the coming months.

Project Stone - €9.3 billion worth of Irish originated commercial real estate loans - attracted 25 indicative and 14 binding bids.  85% of the book was sold.

And Project Pebble - €0.8 billion US commercial real estate, UK hotels and UK and Ireland shopping centres - attracted six indicative and four binding bids.