An Irish start-up company has reached its $60,000 fundraising target for its new wearable fitness tracking device on the crowdfunding website, Kickstarter. 

Lumafit reached the target late last week, three weeks before the fundraising deadline was due to expire. 

The device is worn over the ear, like a Bluetooth headset, and its inventors claim this makes it more precise than wrist worn trackers. 

It contains a 3-axis accelerometer which allows the Lumafit to track head trajectory over time and identify specific types of individual motion - like sit-ups - or continuous motion, like cross training. 

It also claims to records medical grade heart data, using optical light sensors which measure heart activity. 

The device will pair up with both iOS and Android smartphones, and initially will have three apps available - home fitness, gymtracker and meditation. Lumafit also tracks the age of your heart, as you get fitter. 

Lumafit began life two years ago, and is the brainchild of Darran Hughes and Stephen Hughes, who were both previously at MIT MediaLab. The company now employs 12 people. 

Lumafit took part in the Accelerator programme run by Cork businessman Liam Casey's PCH International. 

The device will begin shipping in October, with the first units going to Kickstarter supporters.