Tapastreet has agreed a new deal with the UK's national weather service, the Met Office, to work together on a project which includes social media signals with automated weather monitoring.

The new deal was announced during Tapastreet's visit to the UK this week with Enterprise Ireland for the group's "Ones To Watch" event at the Irish Embassy in London to coincide with the President's visit to the UK.

Last August Bank of Ireland's Kernel Capital invested €0.25m Tapastreet.

The company provides a location-based photo and video discovery platform that enables users to see and share what is currently happening at any location around the world by accessing real-time media uploaded to social networks. 

Enterprise Ireland also invested €0.25m in the company last year.

The company was founded in 2012 by former Intel engineer Joe Mitchell and former Googler employee Dave Johnson.

"Tapastreet is first and foremost a technology company, and it is exciting for us to see our platform aiding the global leader in forecasting services to better understand the impact of weather events on the lives of people around the world," commented Joseph Mitchell, the company's chief executive.