One in every ten personal computers here will become vulnerable to attacks from hackers and viruses in a week's time. 

That is the warning from Microsoft, which is ending support for its legacy Windows XP operating system around the world on April 8. 

Windows XP was was launched with great hype in 2001. The operating system quickly became massively popular.

But several years ago Microsoft began warning it would cease supporting Windows XP. This means it  will stop sending out updates patching vulnerabilities in the software that could be exploited by hackers or viruses.

After two deadline extensions, that support will end next Tuesday.

Four out of every five ATMs here run on Windows XP. But the main banks here say they have taken steps to mitigate the risk beyond next Tuesday.

The Government is to pay Microsoft over €3m to continue supporting PCs in the public service that have not transitioned.

Those using XP can either take their chances, try installing a newer operating system, or buy a brand new computer.