One third of Irish mobile users switch data off on their phones when in another European Union country, according to a new report.

The E-Communications Household Survey by European statistics agency Europa found that 35% of Irish users turned data off while they were abroad.

This compares to an EU average of 25%.

Close to a quarter of Irish users (23%) said they availed of special data roaming plan offered by their network while abroad, while 14% said they simply switched their phone off completely.

Almost 10% of Irish visitors said they used a local SIM card when in another EU country, while 15% said they relied on nearby WiFi zones to access the internet.

When asked about their other phone activity while roaming, 10% of Irish users said they made voice calls as often as they would when at home; slightly above the EU average.

Almost 20% said they never made calls - compared to an EU average of 30% - while 57% said they made fewer calls than normal.

A similar percentage of Irish phone users also said they would receive fewer calls while abroad compared to the number when in Ireland, above the EU average of 51%.

A quarter of users said they sent the same amount of text messages while in other EU countries as they would when at home, while 53% said they sent fewer.

The numbers were similar in regards to receiving text messages.