The National Treasury Management Agency plans to hold a series of bond auctions over the coming months aimed at raising around €4 billion.

The agency said it was aiming to raise around €8 billion in total this year, nearly half of which has already been secured following a ten-year bond auction in early January.

It said one or two auctions would be held per quarter, each one having an indicative size of between €500 million and €1 billion.

The first auction is due to be held on 13 March, while a statement would be issued at the start of each quarter to outline further plans.

The NTMA said that, subject to market conditions, it may also offer investors holding the 4.6% Treasury Bond of April 2016 a chance to swap the bond for something with a longer date.

Meanwhile, the agency also planned to resume a “limited programme” of Treasury Bill auctions, with the first being held on 20 March.