Asking prices for property in the Dublin area rose by 11% last year, new figures show.

The latest survey by the property website suggests that double digit growth in the capital has pushed the average national asking price to €171,000.

This is up 0.2% from the beginning of 2013 and down 55% from the peak of the housing market in 2007. 

However, the survey finds that prices continued to fall elsewhere, with drops of 4% in Galway, 6% in Cork, 7% in Waterford and 12% in Limerick.  

On average, prices outside of Dublin fell by 6% in 2013, which is the lowest annual decline in five years.

"The tale of 2013 was definitely the lack of supply in sales, rental and shared accommodation in the capital. This lack of accommodation across all sectors has had a major influence in Dublin's asking prices returning to 2007 percentage increases," commented's Kieran Harte. 

"The only solution is to begin planning and building new accommodation in the capital which will cater for the demand created by the creation of jobs there," he added.