Minister for Finance Michael Noonan has appointed Willie Walsh to the National Treasury Management Agency Advisory Committee. 

Mr Walsh will be appointed chairman of the committee when the legislation is passed by the Oireachtas and enacted.

Mr Noonan said: "I am appointing him now so he can play an important role in the transition from the NTMA's current structure to the new structure established by the forthcoming legislation."

Minister Noonan said that: "Willie Walsh is an ideal candidate for the role of Chairman of the National Treasury Management Agency Board given his position as a global business leader,"

The Minister said that it was: "His extensive experience of corporate change, and his equity and financial market experience."

"The Chairman of the NTMA Board will lead it in setting the NTMA's strategic objectives and targets for its key functions under the forthcoming legislation." he added.

The strategic objectives concern a number of areas:

·  The investment strategy for the Irish Strategic Investment Fund;

·  The provision of advisory services in relation to Commercial      Semi-States through NewERA;

· The provision of treasury and debt management for the State.

· The  activities of the National Development Finance Agency. 

·  The operation of the State Claims Agency.

Minister Noonan concluded by stating: "I would like to wish Willie Walsh the very best especially in the context of our exit from the EU/IMF Programme of Assistance and our return to the financial markets, and in the investment of a greater amount of the State's resources in domestic economic activity. 

 "I am sure Willie's extensive business skills and experience will be of benefit to the National Treasury Management Agency, which is already seen as one of the most successful Agencies of its type anywhere in the world." He added.