JPMorgan Chase is nearing an agreement worth close to $6 billion with a group of institutional investors

It's to settle claims over shoddy mortgage-backed securities issued in the run-up to the financial crisis.

The potential deal is separate from the preliminary $13 billion settlement JPMorgan has reached with the US government.

That deal resolved a raft of civil actions brought by several enforcement agencies.

The group of more than a dozen bondholders includes BlackRock Allianz's Pacific Investment Management and Neuberger Berman.

JPMorgan reported a third-quarter loss earlier this month, the first under CEO Jamie Dimon, after recording a $7.2 billion after-tax expense to add money to its legal reserves in anticipation of settling the US government's mortgage claims. The company had $23 billion in its legal reserves as of the end of the quarter.

JPMorgan's tentative $13 billion settlement with the US government could end up costing the bank closer to $9 billion after taxes, because the majority of the deal was expected to be tax deductible.