Technology giant Nokia hailed a "generation of innovation" as it launched a raft of new products including its first Windows tablet device and two new large- screen smartphones, or "phablets".

The new Lumia 2520 tablet, designed to "work anywhere" and give users greater mobility, was unveiled at a news conference in Abu Dhabi today.

Two new 6 inch (15cm) screen smartphones, or phablets, were unveiled - the Lumia 1520 and Lumia 1320 - offering easier access to apps and other new features.

Three new upgrades to the Asha smartphone were also annnounced - the Asha 500, the Asha 502 and the Asha 503 - offering a new design, smarter camera and other features.

Former Nokia chief executive Stephen Elop, speaking at the launch in Abu Dhabi, said the new tablet device was a "natural extension of the Lumia family".

"At Nokia we have found that tablet usage peaks between six and eight in the morning and between six and nine in the evening. During the rest of the day tablet usage drops quite dramatically," he said.

"We are looking to shift this trend - your tablet should be as mobile and as connected as you are."

The launch comes before Nokia's handset business is taken over by Microsoft and as Apple was also expected to release much-anticipated new devices.

Microsoft launches new Surfaces

Microsoft has launched new versions of its Surface tablet. The Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2 feature improved batteries and processors. They also have better display and camera resolution. 

The kickstand, which attracted some criticism on the first version of the devices, has been modified to give it two angles for different working positions. Both machines have also had their operating systems updated to run version 8.1.

The Surface RT was launched last year, and was followed earlier this year by the Surface Pro. Both machines, however, failed to sell in the numbers that Microsoft had hoped for. 

The weaker than expected sales of the Surface RT led to the company having to take a $900m writedown.