The Irish Exporters Association has called on Finance Minister Michael Noonan to make it very clear that October's budget will be the last of the austerity budgets.

In its pre-Budget submission, the association has also called for more incentives to encourage investors into export businesses.

The association wants the Minister to confirm that the pension levy will be abolished at the end of 2014, as promised.

''A further year of austere budget measures is required to maximise competitiveness and address Government operating costs. However, it must be stated by Minister Noonan when issuing Budget 2014 that this will be the last year of austerity budgets,'' the IEA said.

''Such a statement will send a very strong message and give confidence to workers, business owners, executives and investors. It will allow for future planning and will give confidence to investors as to what return they can expect for investment in enterprise, particularly export enterprise'', it added.