Finance union IBOA said it has received a ''commitment'' from Ulster Bank that any redundancies in the bank up to 2016 will take place within the framework of the restructuring programme already announced in January of last year.

This programme provided for 950 redundancies, most of which have now taken place.

“The bank has assured us that it has no plans for any further redundancies,” said IBOA General Secretary, Larry Broderick.

He said that any further reduction in the bank’s workforce is to be achieved through natural attrition - when people leave or retire, they are not replaced.

''We also welcome the bank’s further assurance that it will honour its existing agreements with us and will engage fully with IBOA as soon as it finalises its proposals for a further reduction in the branch network,'' Mr Broderick said.

Ulster Bank also confirmed that a review of its branch network is under way which may result in some closures in 2014 on top of the 22 closures which were already announced in January of this year.

“A further meeting between the union and the bank’s chief xecutive, Jim Brown, is being arranged at which greater clarity is expected on the bank’s short- to medium-term plans - with more detailed negotiations to follow as the bank finalises its proposals,'' Mr Broderick added.