Traffic figures for June from Aer Lingus show the airline flew 3.1% more passengers than the same time last year.

The airline said it flew a total of 1,044,000 passengers last month - the figure included customers on its Aer Lingus regional operations.

Aer Lingus said its short haul passenger numbers were up 1.5% to 928,000 and long haul jumped by 17.2% to 116,000.

The load factor - how many seats it fills on each flight - rose by 36 points to 86.2%.

Aer Lingus said its short haul flown load factor rose by 3.5 points to 81.6% with capacity falling b 2.8%. Its long haul load factor came at at 94.5% - up 2.1 points - with capacity rising by 15.5% on the same month last year.