Checking email or surfing the Web on a mobile phone while travelling in the European Union will be a third cheaper from Monday under roaming cuts enforced by the EU's regulator in time for the summer holiday season.

The 36% reduction in roaming fees set were originally agreed in March of last year and are due to come into effect from the start of July.

EU regulators have been chipping away at the charges since 2007, with the latest cut marking an 80% decline since then.

EU telecoms regulator Neelie Kroes wants to completely eliminate the fees across the 27-nation EU, but there are doubts about whether that can be achieved in the 18 months left in her mandate.

As a result of the reductions the cost of using the internet while abroad will fall to 45c per megabyte on Monday, from the current 70c.

Making calls declines to 24c per minute from 29c, and receiving calls to 7c per minute from 8c.

The cost of sending text messages will also go down 1c to 8c. Mobile users do not pay for receiving text messages while travelling in the bloc.

All of costs will fall again on1 July next year.

"The latest price cuts put more money in your pocket for summer, and are a critical step towards getting rid of these premiums once and for all," Ms Kroes said in a statement.

The cuts will also mean very substantial reductions in charges in Croatia, a popular summer holiday destination. The country is joining the European Union on Monday, raising the total number of member states to 28.

The Commission said mobile internet use in Croatia will be nearly 15 times cheaper than at present, and text messages and voice calls to another EU country would cost 10 times less from next week.