Business services support group DCC will be added to the FTSE 250 index series from the close of business on June 21.

This marks DCC's entry to the FTSE family of indices and it will also be included in the FTSE all-share and FTSE 350 indices.

The company announced in February that it was cancelling its listing on the Irish Stock Exchange and moving it to London.

DCC also said that it would change its reporting currency from euro to sterling to reflect the fact that most of its group revenue and operating profits are now generated in the UK in sterling.

However, it stressed that the changes will have no impact on the business operations of the company and it will remain incorporated, headquartered and tax resident in Ireland.

The recent review from the London Stock Exchange also sees the promotion of Travis Perkins and Persimmon to the FTSE 100 index.

The announced changes will be applied after the close of business on Friday, June 21 and will be effective on Monday June 24.