Ireland will outline a programme of regular bond auctions later this year to leave no doubt that it has fully returned to capital markets, the chief economist of the National Treasury Management Agency said today.

Ireland is set to wean itself off emergency help on schedule at the end of this year. It has met nearly all its funding needs for next year by raising debt periodically over the last 12 months.

After issuing a 10-year bond in March for the first time since being locked out of markets in late 2010, the head of the agency said it may return to a small auction programme before the end of 2013.

Speaking at a conference today, the NTMA's chief economist Rossa White confirmed that the agency would lay out an auction schedule in the coming months as Ireland had done prior to its bailout.

"We've gotten back to the market, we might not be fully back there in that we haven't a schedule of bond auctions yet, although you're probably nit-picking a bit if you were to contest that we're not back," White said.

"You will see that (schedule) later this year," he added.