The majority of home owners are unhappy with the amount the Revenue Commissioners has said they are liable to pay under the local property tax, according to a survey by

Of the 1,500 respondents to the survey, 57% disagreed with the estimated value Revenue put on their property.

However only 42% of those surveyed said they planned to pay the tax based on a lower property valuation.

Around 8% said they would file for the tax based on a higher valuation.

Revenue has received over 637,400 property tax filings, according to figures released yesterday.

The final date for submissions is 28 May, while all filings must now be completed electronically.

According to the survey the majority of respondents – 75% - had worked out the amount they intended to pay to Revenue.

Over 60% of landlords said they would not pass the cost of the tax onto tenants, while 13% said they would.

Meanwhile, only 22% of respondents supported the introduction of the tax while 59% said they felt it discriminated against city-dwellers.