Bank of Ireland CEO Richie Boucher received a total package of pay and benefits of €843,000 last year.

The bank's annual report says he had a salary of €690,000, pension contributions of €186,000 and benefits-in-kind, such as a car allowance, of €34,000.

This brought his total package to €910,000; however, Mr Boucher opted to waive €67,000.

The annual report states that the voluntary waiver has been extended until 31 December this year.

The bank's chairman Archie Kane is paid €394,000 for his role.

The company's annual report adds: "In addition he has a consultancy arrangement with Bank of Ireland (UK) plc in respect of which he receives an annual fee of €59,000.

"He also receives an accommodation, utilities and car allowance of €37,000 per annum."

The bank's group chief financial officer Andrew Keating has an annual salary of €390,000.