Four Irish people have made it onto this years "30 under 30" - the list from business magazine Forbes.

The magazine's seal of approval is one of the most-sought-after in business, especially in the US.

This year's list includes Limerick entrepreneurs Patrick and John Collison - Patrick won the Young Scientists Exhibition in 2005.

The brothers sold their business for $3m in 2008 and now run online payments firm Stripe.

Also on the list is computer programmer James Whelton who co-founded CoderDoJo - the free scheme to encourage children into computer programming, which now runs in 22 countries.

Jonathan Cloonan of advertisers Group M was named in the marketing and advertising category.

The list, which began last year, claims to highlight the "young disruptors, innovators and entrepreneurs" that are changing the world.

US fashion designer Carly Cushnie, actress Kate McKinnon and videogame creator Kim Swift also made the list.

Olympic Gold medalist gymnast Gabby Douglas, rapper Wiz Khalifa and researcher Josh Sommer were also chosen by the magazine for its list of top achievers under 30 years old in their fields.

They are considered the top 30 achievers in 15 categories ranging from education, energy, music, science and healthcare to sports, technology games and apps and marketing.

"This is a celebration of youthful ambition and success. These are really amazing people and they are doing amazing things. It makes you very hopeful about the world," Michael Noer, the executive editor of Forbes, said.

Many on the list, including singers Bruno Mars and Justin Bieber, as well as actresses Ashley and May Kate Olsen and fashion designer Alexander Wang, the newly appointed creative director at the French fashion house Balenciaga, are already well known.

Some are returnees to the list that was launched last year - like British singer and Adele, the 24-year-old multiple Grammy Award winner, and American entrepreneur Kevin Systrom.

Noer said there has been a 60% turnover since 2011, so there are plenty of new faces on the list drawn up by Forbes staff and industry experts.