Ryanair has said that ten different airline groups have been discussing route pairings with Ryanair to help form a remedies package to solve issues with any merger with Aer Lingus.

Speaking at a news conference this morning, Ryanair's Head of Communications Stephen McNamara said the likes of City Jet and Virgin had been involved in the talks.

He also said Willie Walsh has been over to discuss route pairings.

Asked whether €99 flights to the US would be realistic if Ryanair took over Aer Lingus, Stephen McNamara said that with fuller flights all year round it would be a realistic option.

He said the airline would also look at revamping business class from what Aer Lingus currently offers.

He said Michael O'Leary and the Ryanair  team are very busy with a remedy solution for a proposed merger of Aer Lingus.

He said on the route pairings where Aer Lingus compete with Ryanair they were looking at curtailing Ryanair or Aer Lingus routes and bringing in another operator.

He said he believed it would be difficult for Brussels to block their current proposal for a merger with Aer Lingus.

Stephen McNamara said that January is the deadline for when the next decision will be made, adding that Ryanair did not want to slash Aer Lingus but instead wanted to grow the airline.

He said that they believed that they should have a Brussels base to help grow the company.

He was speaking as Ryanair announced an additional daily return flight between Dublin and Brussels Charleroi to mark Ireland's upcoming six month Presidency of the European Council.

Although the Presidency does not start until January, the airline says it is starting the flights from November to ensure ''Europe's politicians can enjoy the same low fares as citizens''.