Irish Daily Star Editor Michael O'Kane has been suspended from his job pending a full investigation following the publication of topless photos of Kate Middleton.

A board meeting of Independent Star, the company which operates the Irish Daily Star, has been cancelled.

The meeting had been expected to take place tomorrow.

It is understood the newspaper's managing director Ger Colleran is remaining in position.

INM, the joint owner of the Irish Daily Star, said it believes that a call to close the newspaper over the publication of topless photographs of Kate Middleton is disproportionate.

The publication of the pictures in the Irish Daily Star at the weekend led one of the paper's co-owners, Northern and Shell, to announce its intention to withdraw from Ireland.

Northern and Shell's chairman Richard Desmond said he had begun steps to close down the joint venture.

Independent News & Media said over the weekend that such a move would be a disproportionate reaction to what it termed a poor editorial decision.

Lawyers for the British royal family go to court in France today to make a criminal complaint against the photographer who took the controversial photographs of The Duchess of Cambridge. The legal action also aims to prevent further publication of the images.