Minister for Communications and Natural Resources Pat Rabbitte has hit out at what he called the "incessant assault" on the public service.

He warned that it is demoralising workers and making reform more difficult.

Mr Rabbitte said the Croke Park Agreement has delivered significant flexibilities and savings without industrial disputes. He said those who wanted to tear up Croke Park want to expose the economy to a winter of discontent.

"There are significant changes being chalked up. And some of the incessant assault on people having a permanent job in the public service, and we had it here last night in Glenties [at the MacGill Summer School] again" the Minister siad.

He continued "it's not helpful, it's demoralising the service further and no minister for reform or government can bring reform to the public service without a structure being in place to facilitate its delivery, and for the moment anyway Croke Park is that structure."