The Central Statistics Office have released the latest publication in its series of Census 2011 results, showing that over 82,000 people under the age of 25 were out of work in April 2011.

That gives an unemployment rate of 39% amongst the 15-24 age group.

Today's publication, Profile 3 At Work - Employment, occupations and industry in Ireland, provides more detailed results on industries and occupations as well as analysis by nationality, ability to speak English, social class and field of study.

According to the numbers, one in five unemployed people in April 2011 were non-Irish nationals, accounting for 77,460 persons overall.

Amongst non-Irish nationals, Nigerians had the highest unemployment rate at 39% (down from 45% in 2006) while nationals from the Nordic countries had the lowest rates.

Among foreign language speakers, those who spoke English well or very well were much less likely to be unemployed. Almost one third of those who did not speak English well or at all in the labour force were unemployed.

The industry which posted the largest growth in employment was primary education where the numbers of those at work rose by 18,682 to 64,177. The largest declining industry was building of constructions and civil engineering where numbers at work fell by over 73,000 to 43,577.

Reflecting trends in industry, the occupations experiencing the largest falls in employment were generally related to construction, with building labourers the worst affected occupational group, falling by over 70% to 9,243.

There were 34,166 people looking for their first regular job in April 2011. 57% of these were male and over 60% were aged between 15 and 24. This represented an increase of 16% in the number of first time jobseekers compared with April 2006. Just over a quarter of the usually resident first time jobseekers were non-Irish.

The average rate of unemployment for those with a third level qualification was 8% compared to the 19% unemployment rate for the State overall.

High unemployment rates were found amongst those with fine arts (18%), audio visual and media production (17%) and hair and beauty services (17%) qualifications. Only 2% or 1,072 people with a third level nursing qualification were unemployed.

Farmers and professionals had the lowest unemployment rates among census socio-economic groups in 2011.

As with the general population, unemployment among women was lower than for men across almost all socio-economic groups. This was most pronounced for unskilled workers. While more than four in ten unskilled male workers were unemployed, only 18% of female unskilled workers were jobless.