Nuala is urging viewers to act sooner rather than later so they are prepared when the analogue television service will be switched off on 24 October.

Anyone who has digital services via cable to satellite TV will continue to get a service but anyone receiving TV with an ordinary aerial

Transmitters are already broadcasting the new Saorview service right across the country so households who want to continue to receive the Irish channels free of charge are being advised to prepare for the signal change with a Saorview-approved television or a Saorview-approved box which will work with an existing TV.

For households who wish to combine the free to air Saorview service with other free to air UK and international channels, there are now some great options available.

Some of the Saorview approved boxes and TV's have satellite receivers built in which means they are capable of receiving the Saorview digital terrestrial signal as well as the free-to-air UK and international satellite channels with the right equipment.

Mary Curtis, Director of Digital Switchover, said "There are many ways in which viewers can begin to enjoy Saorview ranging from a basic set top box to some very sophisticated televisions.

The more recent additions of Saorview approved boxes and TVs with satellite receivers really opens up choice for everyone to begin to enjoy the quality and benefits of the free digital service and our main message is - the sooner you make the switch, the sooner you get to enjoy it."